Thanks to social media sites, people around the world are connected with just a few clicks and swipes. The sky is the limit in what we can share with each other from messages to files, from personal updates to group activities, from innovative concepts to successful enterprises. Indeed, even a whole day of browsing does not seem enough for active users. But of course, as they say, too much of something is bad for you. If you keep using these platforms without direction, they may bring more harm than benefits to you. Thus, it is better to make each moment of your social media browsing meaningful and beneficial. How?


Sites that can expose your other sides. In the old age, shy or timid persons are tagged as anti-socials. They are depicted as individuals who stay in the corners waiting for the chance to be heard. Sometimes, they are people overpowered by social butterflies. Those images have changed with the presence of sites like Twitter or Facebook. Through these multi-purpose platforms, their voices are heard, and their individualities are also appreciated. In fact, using social media is a ticket to shedding the light of who you are and what you can do. So, if you are introverted, shy or someone who just simply does not like dogmas, use these platforms as your outlet.


Let the world know your gifts. Would you believe that there are more talented individuals worthy to discover? They just do not have access to compete or shows their gifts. They go unnoticed by talent managers and talent management. They lose out to stiff competition and other hopefuls who are fortunate to have resources to take the spotlight. But, not anymore. Social media sites encourage users to post their photos and videos that showcase their talents. There are Instagram accounts and Youtube channels that serve as reality talent shows. Anyone has the liberty to sing covers or original songs, to dance solo or with a group, to play musical instruments, to act out ideas, to host documentaries, and more. And there are a lot of walking testaments that uploading videos could be life-changing like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Kate Upton, and Arnel Pineda.


Expose yourself to innovative, various ideas.  When your life only includes work-house or school-house activities, you most likely consume similar information on a daily basis. It is alright of course, but it pays also to feed your mind with diverse and innovative ideas. It can boost your know-how and life skills. Check Pinterest or Instagram photos and watch Youtube tutorial videos. A lot of content creators in these sites have tried and tested concepts. These concepts may help you to enhance your current activities. They are life hacks that lead you to work smart, to become productive, and to find side hustles.


Get honest advice you need.  Apart from getting recommendations from your closest friends, checking reviews on social media is practically good. You get to know about restaurants, films, products, personalities, companies, etc. Plus, you will have objective conclusions based on gathered comments. Even though some of those comments have biases, they are usually telling the truth about real experiences. You will have the honest advice that you need before you spend money, time, and effort on something.


A way to increase your happiness.  Several studies have shown that helping others helps a person be happy or satisfied in life. It does because volunteering makes you care for other people, and not only about yourself. Furthermore, you are boosting your self-worth in the process of sharing your blessings.  You give meaning to your life something good. Helping others is easy with the use of social media. It is the modern way to make someone happy or feel your kindness even you are the other side of the planet. Facebook alone has a special place for fundraisers asking for financial support. This is besides from group pages and events where you can join to do volunteering acts.


Make progress and goals achievable. To achieve your goals takes personal effort. No one can add great contributions to your progress except you, but the journey towards your success does not have to be that hard or lonely.  You can get different kinds of support if you ask for help from social media connections. You may get moral, financial, and intellectual support if you are just open to receive them. Truly, if you are wise enough to use your social media, you will find that there are no boundaries to achieving your goals.

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