A new year with new trends; everything in business is trending toward a digital aspect. The year 2019 is the beginning of a new era thanks to innovations that range from smartphones to appliances. Businesses nowadays use a digital platform to make more people be aware of their brands. It is like an advertisement but in the digital world. Top Rank SEO Philippines is one of the leaders of Search Engine Optimization in the Philippines. We spark a digital transformation that can meet the users’ satisfaction and provide quality work for future goals. To obtain these goals, we have a set of guidelines and key factors that Search Engine Optimization must focus on. The fundamental key factors of SEO that businesses may use are the following: the Website, the articles, and Social Media.

Key Factors for Search Engine Optimization

      1. The Website

A big advantage a niche business may have over its competition is having its own website. Not all businesses have their own website nor a hosting platform. Hosting is a store (a website or other data) on a server or computer that can be accessed over the internet. A website cane helps a business make other people aware of their business or product in the digital space. An SEO specialist can help optimize a website, on-page or off-page, to improve its visibility and search ranking.

      2. The Articles

It is also vital for a business to capture an audience through an interesting, engaging article. The business trends in 2019 are more flexible than ever, and the more eye-catching and accessible your business’ material is, the more traffic you can get. Creating an article is the most challenging part because there are many competitors that publish well-written content, but an advantage one can have is through the implementation of SEO on the articles. If you do not have any writers in your company, you may try to outsource writers to create wonderful articles for your business.

      3. Social Media Platform

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter; these are some of the major social media platforms that people tend to use. The business trends in 2019 are also moving toward social media because billions of people are using the different kinds of Social Media platforms. Performing SEO with the help of social media will help your business grow faster. You may also need a Social Media Management experts to do the daily posting for your social media page. The top 3 Social Media Platforms you want to penetrate for your business are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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