Top Rank SEO | Warning: Top Rank SEO Philippines is NOT Recruiting or Asking to Subscribe to any Channel| It has come to our attention that  Top Rank SEO Philippines is being used in recruitment and/or subscribe-to-channel. Through friends of the organization, we were told that someone who goes by the alleged name of “Jennylyn” is messaging people through Whatsapp and probably even other means of communication. This “Jennylyn” is asking people to subscribe to their Youtube channel and earn cash of between PhP 1,600-5,100.

Top Rank SEO Philippines will never do such thing.

Thus, we are asking the public to be aware of this scam. We are not in anyway connected with this modus, moreso, in having such announcement on or Jobstreet.

We don’t work with Youtube Merchants or Influencers for this kind of scheme.

Again, please do not entertain such message.

Thank you!


Photo by Lindsey LaMont on Unsplash