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SEO Services in the Philippines

Companies in the Philippines have used websites to showcase their brands and products. Bloggers have also been establishing their own websites for years. For all these websites, the various  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and services are a necessity that Top Rank SEO Philippines can bring.

The primary need of a website is to be searchable. Google, the biggest search engine in the Philippines and in the entire world, constantly changes its algorithm, making it difficult for most people to understand what needs to be done in order to be searchable. Whether you are a startup or a website owner, it is time for you to seriously consider engaging with an SEO expert. SEO will not only help your website be found but also help you achieve the best ROI.

Strategic Campaign

Top Rank SEO Philippines believes that a campaign should be calibrated towards the target audience and industry. TRS Philippines is one of the top digital marketing specialists in the Philippines and globally, and therefore is an expert when it comes to creating strategic campaigns.

We create top-notch campaigns for our clients, developing strategies for the long-term. Your company’s success is always our priority.

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Quality Content Producer

CONTENT IS KING. We strongly believe that content is a pivotal factor in helping skyrocket your SEO strategy.

Search Engines used to rely on crawling text. Today, Search Engines crawl content. Therefore, content is becoming more valuable in the digital marketing space of SEO. With different search engines constantly creating new Intelligent Search Engine Algorithms, it is a must to use smart content marketing strategies.

For high-quality content, we partnered with Content Writers PH. They provide content for various websites in the Philippines across the globe. In fact, Content Writers PH has been delivering more than one million words for its various clients annually over the past few years. Through our partnership, we have developed a seamless execution plan by providing and integrating content made by talented writers any time of day.

We are the Top SEO Provider in the Philippines

Top Rank SEO Philippines is the best SEO service provider in the Philippines and beyond. We have top-notch SEO specialists that can help your website become searchable in your country of choice. We can also help create a customized website that is SEO-centric in terms of its structure and functionality, utilizing the SEO Strategies and content we develop with you.

We look forward to working with you. To learn more about us, visit our About Page.


Keyword Research

  • Analysis of Website and Business Keywords
  • Research of Top Google Keywords
  • Best Keyword Branding Recommendations

Website Creation

  • CMS Implementation
  • Relevant SEO Theme
  • Quality Plugins

Website Maintenance and Hosting

  • Blog Domain Hosting
  • E-Commerce Hosting
  • Website Domain Name Research
  • Website Maintenance 24/7
  • Cyber Security

Website Analysis and Monthly Report

  • On-Page Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Domain Authority
  • Trust Score
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • Monthly Content Calendar

Quality Content Writing in Partnership with Content Writers PH

  • Engaging SEO-Centric Content
  • Promotional Content
  • Technical Writeups and Reviews
  • Internal and External Linking
  • Publishing in our media network


  • High Quality Backlinks
  • Exclusive Backlinks from our High-Ranking Websites
  • On-page and Off-page Optimization

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Top Rank SEO Philippines is here to help you develop a website which is both efficient and high-ranking in search engines like Google. We consult and serve the goals of your organization to increase brand awareness in the Philippines.



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