Have you ever played a ranked match in any game? Have you noticed anything from the other players, from your allies to your opponents? Sometimes your play style is the same with them but most of the time it is unique and different. This example can also apply to your Website Ranking. Think of your website as having a rank match with other websites with a specific category.

You might wonder why your website Domain Authority is the same with others or lower than theirs. The best explanation to tell you is that your website is not doing a unique way of SEO.

Before we give you the best fundamentals that might help your website ranking, here is a list of website categories:

TOP 7 Categories for Website Ranking

1. E-Commerce Website

admadz Website RankingAdmadz

2. Business Website

DJKA Business Services website ranking


3. Entertainment Website

Food Finds Asia website ranking


4. Media Website

Negosentro website ranking


5. Brochure Website

Fame Ph website ranking


6. Non-profit Website

He Said She Said website ranking

He Said She Said PH

7. Educational Website

Edusentro website ranking


Here are the Top 3 Unique Fundamentals to make your website ranking increase.

  1. Keywords

Keywords are the words that are used for a website to rank up when the user searches for that word. Some SEO specialists don’t do a unique keyword insertion. You should do a unique keyword insertion in your website by experimenting with different words that can be found in Google Adword. Remember that Google is “your friend” and it’s “not your enemy”. You might find this impossible but in the future, your website will benefit from it.

Take note that your website ranking might take several months before a rank is reflected. Have some patience while waiting for the result.

  • Content

Content of the website also affects website ranking. Some websites neglect this one such that they often wonder why does their website’s ranking decrease. We all know that Google’s algorithm is changing everyday – or at least monthly. Consider this by doing a unique article in a unique webpage where in your visitors might be satisfied or be happy with the content. Think of a new pop-up application that may entertain your website visitors, or by creating videography to have an eye-catching webpage.

We all know that most of the users nowadays prefer to watch rather than read an article. So we suggest that you should create a video presentation, or video drama series, a comedy video, an infographic video, or other videos that fit with the category of your website.

  • Backlinks

You’ve noticed that sometimes there are emails that you receive with the subject “Backlinks”. These emails are about backlinking from their site. This is common when doing SEO, but many SEO specialists do not do it correctly. Like what we said earlier that the Google algorithm is always changing, the most recent algorithm of Google thinks that the backlink from a high-ranking website to the newly created website is spam. Don’t just ask for a backlink from a high Domain Authority Website because it might affect them also!

Remember that you should also don’t do a backlink without checking their website. It might be a spam Website or an Adult Website that spreads malware through links. You might also try self-backlinking by linking your new webpage or article to your homepage or other webpages you have.

Lastly, check the URL because some of the URLs cannot be read by Google. You might use a word rather than numbers because most of the users don’t understand a Numerical URL. They might think that link is malware.

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